Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The replacement G500 mouse is also broken (DOA)???

A week ago, the left button of my Logitech G500 mouse stopped working. Logicool (the name under which Logitech is registered in Japan) replaced the mouse with a brand new one. I got the replacement mouse yesterday and I even wrote a blog post about it because I was so happy that I could replace the worn out old mouse with a new one.

But after using the new mouse for a few minutes, I felt that the left tilt function of the scroll wheel was not working properly. I had to tilt is with all my might to get it to respond. Right tilting was fine. I use the tilt function to switch tabs in the browser and to change firemode/reload in games.

If you look at the photo below, you'll see that the gap between the wall and the scroll wheel is very small on the left side and big on the right side. This is kind similar to what happened with the first time I replaced the mouse about a year and half ago. But at that time, the middle press was entirely not working. But then it was all due to battering the middle button trying throw grenades => the mouse wasn't durable. But this time, it is a DOA. Oh well!!!

I contacted Logicool about this and they agreed to send me a new mouse. But I have to send back the broken one. Not the first one, but the replacement. I hope this will be end of it. I already hate Logicool/Logitech as a brand. :(


  1. What i hate the most is how Logitech is the only brand everyone tend to yell about when talking about peripherals. All the Logitech/Logicool products I had before have sucked so bad, i never wanna go back.
    I hope people understand that Logitech ain't bullsnot.

    1. I actually like the mouse, especially the placement of the buttons. Customer support is amazing as well. I actually hate the software though.


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