Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just started playing Crysis 3

Finally, Friday, the 22nd of February arrived and I was waiting for this day for months. It was the day that I could start playing Crysis 3, which I bought couple of days ago. BTW, I bought the Hunter Edition, not the Deluxe Edition. It’s not as if I had a choice. AMD Never Settle Bundle Reloaded was only giving away the Hunter Edition.

But a lot of unfortunate incidents happened. I actually got caught up at work and I couldn’t come home early. And I had 3 quizzes and 1 program to finish (I’m taking few online courses). Just cannot believe I let everything pile up on me just when I needed to be free to play the game. I have to tell though, I cannot play a lot of games like I used to. My wife would go crazy if I play games all the time when I come home from work. So I couldn’t play the game on Friday. But before going to sleep that night, I tried a couple of multiplayer games. The maps were new and I had no clue where to run to. But I managed to get a decent score for a first timer. Wait!!! Didn’t I say I couldn’t play the game on Friday? I did. Technically, it was already Saturday when I started playing the game. I played for about 15 minutes just to see how it was. Hehe.

The performance boost that everyone was hoping that the final code would bring, was not there. (Check the performance of the public beta here.) TBH, I wasn’t really expecting any performance improvements. The public beta was almost final code. I just wanted the final game to run stably (not that the beta had any issues) and be hacker free (very important, but we know it would be just a matter of time before hackers rain in the game). Let’s hope better performing graphics drivers will be released soon as well. And also that Crytek will release frequent patches to the game.

So today, I managed to finish a few assignments and played the game few hours. (Let’s just say that it was to release the stress.) Man! It’s just like how I remember Crysis 2 was. It’s so much fun. But this time I started with the Marshall. I know I am supposed to play every weapon in the game. But I am worried that my K/D’s will drop if I play a different weapon. But at least, playing different weapons will up my experience score higher, which is unfortunately the main criteria they rank the players by. I rather like the K/D stat more.

One more thing. I just found out the inc3p7ion, whom I used to play Crysis 2 with (not regularly though) is currently ranked #2 in Crysis 3. He’s a Sri Lankan living in Australia.

Here’s where I stand as of today. Crysis 3 Stats

I’m yet to analyze the performance of the game. But I don’t think I would see any difference. While playing the multi player, FRAPS frame times showed a hint of micro-stuttering but it wasn’t playable. It wasn’t there in the single player mode though. The high ping times must be affecting the frame times. The games isn’t launched for the Japanese market yet, there aren’t Japanese servers that I can connect to – which have a really low ping time. Back in the Crysis 2 days, Suresh and I were having ping times below 10ms. I’m sure that gave us an unfair advantage. It’s not our fault you know.

Currently I’m using the optimal settings that Geforce Experience suggested to me. Actually it suggested very high settings with AA at SMAA 2x. That’s pretty nice. Sure, the frame rates that I get are around 50FPS. Not the ideal 60FPS. But I should be thankful to get this kind of FPS from a graphics card that is almost a year old. (But the funniest thing is that the next generation cards aren’t coming this year from either party.)


I hope to post more stuff about the game in the next few weeks. Sit on tight. ;)

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