Monday, February 4, 2013

Aimbots and Crysis 3 MP Beta

The most irritating about multiplayer online gaming is that you will always run into people that hack the game and ruin others’ pleasure. They don’t even want to play the game in the first place. They just wanna make others wanna hate them. Crytek isn’t the most experienced company when it comes to making multiplayer games – unlike Infinity Ward that makes Call of Duty. Crytek is new to the arena. We could see that in their previous flagship moniker, Crysis 2.

You could not only find people using the “usual” aimbots, but people using speed hacks, power hacks and even teleport hacks. It’s was so unbelievable how far some people would go to ruin others’ joy. When I played the game, we (Suresh and I) would always sign out of that server and join another. But the chances of finding a hacker in the new server was very high. But let me tell you one thing: it was very, VERY satisfying to kill a hacker. But I didn’t want to avenge them too much. It would only ruin my K/Ds (kills to deaths ratio). So, yes, signing out of that server and testing my luck with another server – that’s what I did back then.

Crysis 3 multiplayer beta was just released ahead of the launch of the full game this month and guess what? There are already aimbots. Apparently, you could simply modify the hacks you used in Crysis 2 and use them in Crysis 3. Oh dear! I was looking forward to play this game a lot. Well, TBH, I cannot play that hardcore now that I am married. So maybe that is not the end of the world. But I don’t want to catch a hacker during the few minutes that I get to play the game. I hope Crytek has a solution to tighten the security in this game.

Hacking is everywhere, but being able to modify the hacks for the previous game and reuse in the new one? That’s intolerable.

Here are two instances of aimbot hacking in the current Crysis 3 Multiplayer demo.

To Catch A Hacker

Crysis 3 Aimbots already available


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