Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The 3 Musketeers: G500, G500 and G500!

Finally the replacement for the DOA (dead on arrival) replacement of the left button broken Logitech G500 mouse arrived. I have already sent the DOA mouse back to Logicool as per their request. However they were kind enough to send me the packaging material and the printed recipient address along with the mouse. So all I had to do was put the mouse in the box, paste the address on the box and order Kuroneko courier service to come and take away the package.

The new mouse is working fine. But for some weird reason, the mouse wheel is tilted slightly to the left as well. Very slightly, but it's noticeable to the eye. The feedbacks you get from tilting left and right are not the same either, but that's not a big deal anyways. It would perhaps become seasoned in no time. Heck, I still have more than a year full of warranty left. I can always replace the mouse again if something goes wrong.

The Logitech Gaming Software sucks as usual. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Time to read the threads at Logitech forums or ask my own question. I really wish I could get a mouse with much stable software. But I don't know who makes such mice nor don't wanna change the mouse to a new one, especially in these desperate times

 The new one on the left, the DOA one in the middle and the left button broken one on the right.


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