Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mobile Internet usage is growing fast, or is it?

ArsTechnica has published this new article about increase in cellular internet usage and I just remembered what Anand and the guys discussed in episode 16 of Anandtech podcast.

"Cellular data traffic keeps doubling every year"

Or is it really? Maybe it is not the actual case.

We all know that the iPhone is on top of that list, right? But, how many of you that use an iPhone have noticed this "driving me nuts" kinda thing that happens when to try to switch to a tab that currently has a webpage loaded but wasn't accessed in a while? Safari would try to load the webpage from the scratch. It would fetch the data "completely" from the web server. This not only increases web traffic which would actually put iPhone at a wrongfully top position. This is same with Chrome browser on iOS as well. Funny thing is, the tab might be only about 5 minutes old!!!! It's not as if it has been left open for hours and hours without touching. Seems to me it is related to the amount of free RAM left.

If this is a memory related, what about the iPhone 5, which has double the amount of RAM any previous iPhone had? Does it not have this issue? Feel free to post what you know in the comments section.

Is it same on Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry? I hope not. This is utter nonsense. If there isn't enough memory, cache the darn webpages in the main flash storage.

This never happens on a PC. Shame!

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