Friday, February 8, 2013

Is Google Chrome having memory leaks? It becomes really sluggish at times.

I’ve an avid Google Chrome user. I love its simple and sleek UI. I like how it syncs all the bookmarks, extensions and everything with my Google Account. Even though Chrome still sucks on my iPhone (it’s slower than Safari even with the Nitro JavaScript engine is enabled for it), I still like how it syncs everything from my PC to the phone…and to my laptop as well.

Quite recently, I have come to notice that the browser become very sluggish after browsing for few minutes. When I quite Chrome, I see Task Manager dropping the RAM usage by about 2GB. That’s insane – a browser using up 2GB RAM?? Looks like there is a memory leak somewhere. I’m currently using the latest release version – 24.0.1312.57m as of 2013/02/07. It’s not easy to reproduce though.

I don’t use a lot of extensions. Only a handful of them. Namely, Lastpass, Rikaikun and AdBlock Plus. Internet Download Manager extension is automatically installed as well. There were few more extensions, but I removed the ones that I don’t use much the last time this happened. Today it happened again, and obviously it was not caused by those extensions that I removed. I cannot uninstall the extensions that I have installed at the moment.

One thing was in common between last two times this happened. Facebook page was opened and I had checked my feed a bit deep. Could Facebook page be the culprit? I’ll post back if I find the cause. Maybe I should try the latest developer release.

Anyone else having the same problems as I’m having? Let me know if you have a fix or an idea for me to try.

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