Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Making the best of the 2 weeks

I came back to SL (for a short period) after the sickening events that happened in Japan in the last few days. So it is time to make the best of the opportunity.

I already bought few games from the EA Indian store. Games are so expensive in Japan. Over JPY6000 for a new title. Indian EA Store is selling the same game for Indian Rs. 999. That’s about JPY1800. So I preordered Crysis 2 (which also gave me a free Crysis key) and Battlefield 3. Bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion. (I already have the Bad Company 2 disc at home, bought at a decent JPY2780 off Amazon.)

Then I bought my HD5770 to be sold to someone for around Rs.12000. If nobody wants it at that price, probably my girlfriend’s brother can have it for free. Better to keep it within the family than give it away too cheap to some outsider. 

And there are other things, which I cannot say out in public. Open-mouthed smile

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Power crisis in Japan

After the massive earthquake on 11th of March 2011, the Fukushima Number 1 nuclear power plant got destroyed and Japan started facing some power issues. There were planned power cuts for certain areas. Luckily we didn’t get any at Nakanoshima, the town where I am living. The biggest effect of this power crisis was to the trains. All the trains are electric, and power cuts means they cannot operate. Some were stopped to save power as well. No trains means some people cannot go to work. There is no bus service from Nakanoshima to Kosugi, where my workplace is situated in. We have to walk to the next station (Noborito) and take the bus to Mizonokuchi, and then take another bus to Kosugi. I have never taken that route. On the first Monday after the big earthquake, we went to office by bikes. It was a 1hrs ride to the office. Not very exhausting, as the weather was great. (But weather got worse after that. Now it is very cold. Impossible to ride a bike for that far.)

I think a lot of people know about the situation over at Japan, but this post if not actually another replica of a story. This story is completely different, but ironically similar as well. My PC lost its power supply unity on the day after the earthquake. It was a Aqtis 550W PSU, no idea who the OEM is, but seems to be only sold in Japan. But it says on the label that it is made in China.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The big earthquake in Japan (March 11th)

I was typing an email asking for help with few things that I couldn’t understand with the work I was doing these few days. When I had types a lot of stuff in the email and was almost nearing completion, suddenly the building started to shake. It was an earthquake. It started slowly, and I didn’t really care much because we had a similar earthquake a couple of days ago. But it was not the same. This one was much larger. The intensity grew larger, and I reached for the safety helmet kept under the table. But when I got the helmet and checked what everyone was doing, there was no-one to be seen. Everybody was under their desks. What can I do? I did the same. They should know better than I. It went for a long time, increasing in strength. Suddenly the power went out. My email!!!! Damn it.

I wasn’t afraid until I heard some cracking noises in the building. I began to think about the worst case. The first thing that came to my mind was how the World Trade Center collapsed almost a decade ago. I saw it collapse live on TV. That was scary. I thought it might happen to us. But eventually it stopped. Phew! No damages to where I was at.

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