Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Making the best of the 2 weeks

I came back to SL (for a short period) after the sickening events that happened in Japan in the last few days. So it is time to make the best of the opportunity.

I already bought few games from the EA Indian store. Games are so expensive in Japan. Over JPY6000 for a new title. Indian EA Store is selling the same game for Indian Rs. 999. That’s about JPY1800. So I preordered Crysis 2 (which also gave me a free Crysis key) and Battlefield 3. Bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion. (I already have the Bad Company 2 disc at home, bought at a decent JPY2780 off Amazon.)

Then I bought my HD5770 to be sold to someone for around Rs.12000. If nobody wants it at that price, probably my girlfriend’s brother can have it for free. Better to keep it within the family than give it away too cheap to some outsider. 

And there are other things, which I cannot say out in public. Open-mouthed smile

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