Saturday, September 17, 2011

No news from me?

There is not much news these days. I haven't bought anything new. But there are few unimportant things, which I might be able to sneak into this post.
I'm still playing Crysis 2. But now, I have a target. I have to unlock all the guns and stuff. Getting there slowly. But I won't be able to improve K/D with all the crappy profiles I have to use to get there.
I bought Hulu. Well, actually I haven't paid for it. It has a 30-day free trial. The quality is perfect. I do get the buffering here and there, but that is too seldom to even think about it. But when I watch it on the laptop, streaming in Wi-Fi, the buffering happens often.
Anyways, I started watching a new TV Series on it. Kyle XY. It is just like Smallville in its core, but instead of an alien, we have a guy with a super brain. But the result is pretty much the same - more or less. But it is at least scientific. :) Now I am into the final season.
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