Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mouse pad problems?

Whoever said laser mice tracks better on hard surfaces is a nut! I bought a Razer Sphex mouse pad a while back to replace my QCK mini which had gotten very rugged. I used the Sphex for months and months and it was so hard to track my G500 on it. The pad was too quick. Maybe it tracks well and that IS the problem.

After Crysis 2 1.8 update, something happened to the mouse sensitivity. I couldn’t get it to work well at all. Aiming got worse. Today I tried the old mouse pad again, and right from that point, I was back in the game. Yes, the mouse pad has a lot of friction, but I seem to mouse the mouse cursor to where I want more accurately with this mouse pad.

So I ordered a new QCK (not the mini this time. mini is a bit too small for my liking). Should come tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to do well in Crysis 2 from now onwards. Probably I will give this pad to someone else.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

The annoying call quality feedback window of Skype

imagesMost of the times after ending a call in Skype, you get this Call Quality Feedback window and it is driving me crazy! After doing a simple Google search, it seems that I am not alone. Some people are posting on Skype forums saying that until Skype adds an option to disable this “harassment”, they will rate all calls as very bad. You know what? I am gonna do the same thing. Of course the deeds of few people will always go unnoticed, but at least there is the satisfaction of screwing someone. Open-mouthed smile


Take that, Skype!

You might say, can’t I just press escape key to get rid of the window? Well, like someone said, it is not about how easy it is to get rid of the window, but the harassment the customers are faced with. Why do it in a separate window? They can integrate the message into the Skype main window and we will not have this problem. (It is still annoying. Remember those offers and ads Skype shows from time to time? At least there is an option to disable it. I thinks this “feature” should have such an option too!)

The most annoying thing is, whenever I am playing a game (game = Crysis 2) and I get a call and I end it, this window will come up and will minimize the game to desktop and when I get back, I’m already dead! Arrrghhh!!! Stupid piece of crap Call Quality Feedback window!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Adding video files to Zune Player

Apparently all the MKV files that I have in my video library don't work at all with Zune Player software. So these days I am in the process of converting all the video files to something universal. That means MP4.

Yes I know what you are thinking. Would I not lose the quality? Well, I cannot really see a difference between the source and the MP4 output. Doesn't mean that there is not, but it is not worth worrying about.

There is one little issue though. There is a max file size limitation for MP4 files it seems. Maybe there are apps that can player larger MP4 files, but te standard size is 4GB max. Zune Player wouldn't play anything larger.

I am using Handbrake to transcode the videos. I do 2-pass conversion with turbo 1st pass, and set the output filesize to 4GB. That makes video files generally if the size 3.9GB. But there were two video files so far that came out as 4.1GB and they were not playable.

I've been transcoding videos for 3 days straight. Man I wish I had a Sandybridge CPU with quicksync. Problem would be that Handbrake doesn't support quicksync yet. It should. I don't know if this is a software issue or a codec issue. All I know is that they should get it to work FAST.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trying out the Zune Player

172359-image_Zune_SoftwareI have been using iTunes for a long time, not because it is a great piece of software, but because I had to. If you ask me, it is a piece of crap software just like most that Apple makes.

It is not a complete piece of junk though. There are a few good features which a lot of other software are missing. One is the ability to organize the Music collection according to the Artist, Album and Track Numbers.


That’s pretty much it. The interface is pretty slow, especially as soon as you launch it. It also has the Apple ego built into it. Apple doesn’t know anything about Windows software, how there are standard shortcut keys to do common things, such as Ctrl + E for moving the cursor to Search box in every software that supports that feature. What does iTunes do? Eject the CD tray! Duh!!!

Anyways, I have to use it because I have the iPhone.

Anyways, I wanted to give a shot at Zune software. It has a pretty sleek UI and pretty smooth too. Not even a little pause.

But it too has issues, like everything else.

1. With all those graphics and animation, it requires a lot of RAM. And bigger your media collection is, more RAM it needs.


2. You cannot see the Market Place unless your Locations is set to United States in Regional Settings in Windows. No market place, no way to buy music or more importantly subscribe to Podcasts.


3. It cannot see the MKV files in my video collection. Also, all the video files in My Videos folder is shown under Other, and I don’t know how they get filtered into the predetermined folders: "TV, Music, Movies, Personal. I need to find out how. This is interesting.

edit: LOL you can just right click the video file and specify what kind it is. XD


4. It lacks the Music Organizing Skills of iTunes. Or does it? I haven’t really checked. There isn’t anything that leads me to believe that there is. Open-mouthed smile

Some other screenshots.


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