Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mouse pad problems?

Whoever said laser mice tracks better on hard surfaces is a nut! I bought a Razer Sphex mouse pad a while back to replace my QCK mini which had gotten very rugged. I used the Sphex for months and months and it was so hard to track my G500 on it. The pad was too quick. Maybe it tracks well and that IS the problem.

After Crysis 2 1.8 update, something happened to the mouse sensitivity. I couldn’t get it to work well at all. Aiming got worse. Today I tried the old mouse pad again, and right from that point, I was back in the game. Yes, the mouse pad has a lot of friction, but I seem to mouse the mouse cursor to where I want more accurately with this mouse pad.

So I ordered a new QCK (not the mini this time. mini is a bit too small for my liking). Should come tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to do well in Crysis 2 from now onwards. Probably I will give this pad to someone else.



  1. ship? oonenang enakota genath dennang :P

  2. @Tharaka
    uba ooka aran ube A$$Tech ekata use karannada :P

  3. hehe. if you've seen my mousepad, you'll understand. XD XD. I'm the only one who can work with it. others just throw it away and use the bare surface.

  4. The word verification for the previous comment was "horta"!! maybe suresh is eyeing it and destiny has told me about it! :D :D


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