Sunday, June 19, 2011

The annoying call quality feedback window of Skype

imagesMost of the times after ending a call in Skype, you get this Call Quality Feedback window and it is driving me crazy! After doing a simple Google search, it seems that I am not alone. Some people are posting on Skype forums saying that until Skype adds an option to disable this “harassment”, they will rate all calls as very bad. You know what? I am gonna do the same thing. Of course the deeds of few people will always go unnoticed, but at least there is the satisfaction of screwing someone. Open-mouthed smile


Take that, Skype!

You might say, can’t I just press escape key to get rid of the window? Well, like someone said, it is not about how easy it is to get rid of the window, but the harassment the customers are faced with. Why do it in a separate window? They can integrate the message into the Skype main window and we will not have this problem. (It is still annoying. Remember those offers and ads Skype shows from time to time? At least there is an option to disable it. I thinks this “feature” should have such an option too!)

The most annoying thing is, whenever I am playing a game (game = Crysis 2) and I get a call and I end it, this window will come up and will minimize the game to desktop and when I get back, I’m already dead! Arrrghhh!!! Stupid piece of crap Call Quality Feedback window!


  1. Dude, there's no such thing on my skype! There's just a small strip in the chat window saying rate this call.

  2. Check this out

  3. are you running something from the last decade?


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