Saturday, September 17, 2011

No news from me?

There is not much news these days. I haven't bought anything new. But there are few unimportant things, which I might be able to sneak into this post.
I'm still playing Crysis 2. But now, I have a target. I have to unlock all the guns and stuff. Getting there slowly. But I won't be able to improve K/D with all the crappy profiles I have to use to get there.
I bought Hulu. Well, actually I haven't paid for it. It has a 30-day free trial. The quality is perfect. I do get the buffering here and there, but that is too seldom to even think about it. But when I watch it on the laptop, streaming in Wi-Fi, the buffering happens often.
Anyways, I started watching a new TV Series on it. Kyle XY. It is just like Smallville in its core, but instead of an alien, we have a guy with a super brain. But the result is pretty much the same - more or less. But it is at least scientific. :) Now I am into the final season.
In other news, the 3GS's home button is driving me nuts. But I guess I have gotten used to it, rather than wanting to crush it with my feet. I would probably buy an iPhone 5 or a Windows Phone 7.5 phone as soon as I can get hold of one. But I am sure I will be disappointed with either path, since neither is perfect.
I am also waiting for the new ATI cards to come out. It seems that the HD78xx series cards will be out at the end of this year. But I really want a HD79xx card because it seems to have bundled a lot of cool stuff. All of them will use less power than my HD5870. HD79xx will hopefully be much faster than my current card as well. HD78xx, not so much.
I also tried out Windows 8 Development Preview, but I was not able to install it in a real PC. I tried to use a virtual hard drive (VHD) and try to install it, but it didn't work the way I expected. i had to settle for a virtual PC. That is not the best way to get the real use experience, but this is not even an Alpha. I don't want to go through another painful, unstable, feature missing, retarded design OS testing experience like Windows Vista days. I'd at least wait till a public beta comes out.
Then there is a weird issue with the subwoofer. The speaker would just vibrate without a reason. Even when there is no audio being played. It cannot be noise exerted into the speakers because I don't hear it on the headphones. Maybe I should open it up and see if something is wrong - like a loose connection somewhere, BUT I don't have the tools, so that is a no go. I'd like to get a good set of speakers, but for the sake of co-existence with the Roccat Kaves, I want one with digital input. There are few that I wouldn't mind getting, but all of them are 100V models. Sucks!
That's pretty much it for now. Not so excited about anything these days. Guess it is time for me to save up a little bit more - especially for the post-wedding stuff, new phone (phones should I say) and of course the new ATI card. Wait, I need an Ultrabook too! :D

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