Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Watched Transformers 3 in 3D

arkLast Monday, we went to see Transformers 3 in 3D at 109 Cinema's – Kawasaki. We went for the morning show, so that we could have lunch after watching the movie and return home. We planned to have lunch at a special venue – more of that later.

We reserved tickets on Saturday. After a lot of forwarding and backing, we managed to book the tickets. It’s mostly in Japanese, so it is not easy, if you are doing this for the first time. The tickets were expensive as well. JPY2200 per grown up. Since this was my first 3D movie, I didn’t really worry about it too much.

On Monday, 5 of us including myself (3 from our batch, 2 from junior batch) went to see the movie. We too the train at 9:17am, and that should get us to Kawasaki in around 30 minutes. The show was at 10:40. There was about 50 minutes for us to find the actual location of the theatre AND get the tickets from the ticketing machine. (As per online instruction, all we had to do was to insert the credit card used for reservation.)

We had given warnings that we will not wait for late comers. That is, we would take the 9:17am train no matter who got late. One of the juniors got late, and we left him behind. (wee!) He took the next train. the 9:25am one. When we got to Kawasaki, we found out that the theatre was just next to the station. So we had time, thus waited for the other guy to come. Then we went to get the tickets. We found machines that looked like ticket machines but when we inserted the CC, it gave an error and put out the card. Then we went and talk to someone, and he showed us how to do it. Then it worked. TBH, we didn’t do anything different; must have been a issue with the ticket machine. Anyways, after a few minutes, we went into the theatres, where we were provided with 3D Glasses.

We wore them before the show to try them out and fool around, but felt they were extremely uncomfortable to wear. I was in misery for the entire movie time. The nose ached, the ears ached. Yes, there was an element of 3D-ness, but it was not as defined as the intro video before the movie. It didn’t feel “clean” either. But it was exciting. But considering how uncomfortable it was, I might not watch another 3D movie like that. Ama and I will go see one when she gets here, but that’s about it. (The movie was fine, mostly because I like Transformers. Sameera said he fell asleep at one point. XD)

After the movie, we went to the American Buffet to have lunch. We had 1hr to eat as much as we could for JPY1400. Funny thing was that, because we thought 1hr was far too short, we ate rapidly, which made us tummy-full in about 25 minutes. The desert was bad TBH. There wasn’t much of a selection. The fruits were sour. All in all, it was not what I expected, but for JPY1400 down here, you cannot ask for more I guess. Besides, the real party is at night. I guess they save the best for that. As you would have guessed, it is more expensive at night.


  1. Come on its not that uncomfortable , i have to wear em on top of my glasses :P , yet haven't felt uncomfortable . I think your choice of the first 3D movie is the issue . There were not many 3D effects in it. Next time watch something animated :D

  2. In my opinion this movie deserves the highest rating(good review on )
    Superb acting and directing talent give an opportunity to enjoy the movie.

  3. @Mahen
    Maybe you cannot remember how hard it was to get used to glasses at first ;)

  4. that's why you should have tried the cheap 3D glasses with your nVidia (ex) :P :P


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