Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Canon S95: Just what the doctor prescribed

S95Sold my Canon SX1 IS. I didn’t really take much use of it, mostly because the auto mode didn’t give me good quality photos and it was very heavy. It was as heavy as a DSLR. Only positive things about it was, one: not requiring lenses to be changed, two: not 20x zoom.

Zoom is so over-rated. While some times you need it, most of the times it is not needed. But big zoom means, you need a tripod to get a clean photo. That is another burden.

After looking at few ultra compact cameras, I decided to go with Canon S95. It is pretty expensive for a Point and Shoot. I didn’t want to go very cheap on the camera. Heck, there are only a few things I need, so why go cheap? (What few things? Am I not spending too much money on gadgets??? Well, what I need is really a great PC, great Camera, great Phone, and maybe…a (great?) laptop.) I have a great PC and now a great camera. I cannot just change the phone when I want. I have to wait for the right time for that. The laptop…well, it only it being used when I sleep at night…to watch streaming TV from the bed, so doesn’t really need anything more powerful that what I have.) So basically everything is covered? We shall see. I love gadgets, and I don’t have to explain myself about my purchases to anyone. Everyone has to have a hobby, right?

BUT, I digress. Back on the topic.


I am using the 30MBps SanDisk 8GB SD Card which I used with the SX1. A regular JPEG photo takes about 2.5MB on S95, so I can take 3200 photos with just a 8GB card. So 8GB is more than enough. I don’t need to record long videos either. (S95 has a RAW mode, which takes about 10MB per image, so I am still OK). The battery runs out long before filling the SD Card. It can hardly manage 200 pics in one charge. That’s why I bought a second battery. The LCD screen must be the culprit. I also bought a LCD protector and a carrying pouch for the camera. Don’t want to scratch this baby. This was recommended on It has a small pocket that can hold the extra battery. So everything is great!

Talking about the image quality, it is much much better than the old SX1, at least when it comes to AUTO mode. Believe it or not, S95 has the bigger sensor too! Sam mega pixels (10MP) for both. Much newer technology. It even has a lot of manual settings, which I am not that interested in. Only thing that I miss every now and  then is the zoom, but 4x optical zoom is enough for most. I hardly zoom anyways.

There are a billion things you can do with the camera, but I hate reading the manual Maybe I should.


Here are some pics I took with the S95.

Yokohama - Peer, China town and parks (2011-08-07)

Kamakura (2011-08-11)

Disney Land (2011-08-12)

btw, I got JPY 15k for the SX1 IS. Not too bad at all. Smile

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