Friday, February 1, 2013

Peerblock blocking you from logging into Crysis 3 servers?

Now that Crysis 3 MP beta is out to the public, people using Peerblock to block unwanted peers/IPs connecting to your PC must be having a little problem. With the default block lists downloaded by Peerblock, the IP address of EA servers that you need to connect to play the game are also blocked.

Peerblock's main window will show what IPs were blocked by Peerblock. See it blocks IPs from EA servers.


You can disable Peerblock when playing Crysis 3 beta, but that is not a good solution. Luckily, you can create your own list of allowed IP addresses. Peerblock won't block these IP addresses.   

You can find the tutorial posted on Peerblock's website on how to make your own block-list, by clicking the following link.

Add the following addresses to the block-list and make them as "allowed" and you should be able to connect to the servers without disabling Peerblock.


You can add the individual IP Addresses too. But I figured all of the IPs in the range should belong to EA so I added the whole range.

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