Wednesday, February 6, 2013

3DMARK (2013) benchmark scores: Palit GTX670 JetStream with R313.96 beta drivers

Futuremark released their latest version of 3DMARK suite, called just “3DMARK”, to the public. Just like before, it comes with a free version, which you can download from here. (it’s 970MB though.)

This one is kind of different to the old versions in that it comes with three different tests aimed at different platforms, namely mobile (I guess what they mean by this is “tablets”), laptops/home PCs and high-end gaming PCs. The latter is what we all gamers are interested in. Who cares about gaming on mobile platforms. You need the muscles of a full fledged to desktop to play the games with any sort of satisfaction. (Do you know that consoles are an order (i.e. >10x) of times slower than a modern gaming PC? OK OK, this is not a PC vs. console war. We know who has won it and I don’t like the jury!)

This is what the main application window looks like.

3DMark 2013 Main Screen

Too simple for ya? Learn to live with it!

The tests

Oh now they are naming individual tests as well. You can check out the demo videos below.

  • ICE STORM: Mobile test
3DMark Ice Storm Benchmark–PC Perspective
  • CLOUD GATE: Laptop/home PC test
3DMark Cloud Gate Benchmark–PC Perspective
  • FIRE STRIKE: High-end Gaming PC test
3DMark Fire Strike Benchmark–PC Perspective

(All videos are from

My score

But I ran all of them, without knowing those tests were intended for different platforms the first time. Unfortunately, I had to run the tests again because Adaptive V-sync was enabled, thus seriously lowering my ICE STORM and CLOUD GATE scores. FIRESTRIKE is very heavy even for my PC, so adaptive V-sync could not have made a different. If it did, it wasn’t much.

Today I ran the tests again. Yes, I ran all of them. This is what my PC managed to get. (If you don’t know the specs of my PC, you can simply head here and take a peek.)

3DMark 2013 Palit Jetstream GTX670 score

Do you think you can beat this score? Regardless, post your scores and specs of the rigs in the comments section.

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