Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nvidia posts 314.07 WHQL drivers just in time for Crysis 3

Crysis 3, the latest iteration to the well known Crysis moniker, is scheduled to come out today for North America. I don't know why they don't do a world wide launch as most people are buying it as a digital copy via Origin, but apparently that's the way it is. Just like NVidia released beta drivers for Crysis 3 MP beta that was released last month, they are following suit with the retail game. NVidia has released the version 314.07 of drivers for their Geforce family of cards just in time for this AAA-grade title. It's not even a beta driver. It is the real thing - the WHQL certified driver.

I don't believe it will give better performance over the previous beta drivers as the version number hasn't gone up significantly. The last beta driver was 313.96. So a minuscule increase in version numbering, but I bet it would be much more stable. There was a hint of micro-stuttering when I played the beta, although I am not sure whom to blame there, so either way I hope the experience in the full retail version of the game couple with the WHQL driver would give a much better experience. (In fact, they still say 65% increase in performance over the last WHQL driver, the 310.90 so performance should be the same as with the beta.)

You can download these drivers from here .
Download 314.07 driver for Windows Vista, 7, 8 64bit

As usual, AMD is late to the party.

I am hoping to do a comparison between the performance of between the drivers and the game itself, but there is one little problem. I don't have the game with me yet. Japan is getting it next month. I can buy from the Indian Origin Store so I hope it will be available there soon. Perhaps there are other ways to get it, so I'll make sure that I search around when I get back home.

For the rest of you, happy gaming with the new driver.


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