Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ordered the DELL Latitude 10 Essentials 64GB Windows 8 tablet running Atom Clovertrail

Looks like its finally happening. I'm getting a tablet after all. Last night I pulled the trigger and ordered the Latitude 10 Essentials (with free inner case deal) from Dell's online shop. It cost me ¥49,980 for the entire thing. I was looking around for any discounts but didn't manage to find any such promotions for tablets. There was a coupon code for desktops and laptops which would drop the price by ¥10,000 unfortunately it wasn't applicable to tablets. I felt bad when I found out that there was such an offer last year around about the time the tablet was launched. Too bad!

I only made one change to the stock configuration. I wanted the English version of the OS installed on it. TBH, there wasn't anything else to change other than the services and accessories. I didn't buy any accessory other than the free case I was entitled to. I didn't want to go beyond the ¥50,000 mark after all.

I reconsidered getting the standard version of the tablet because of the removable battery but in the end I felt that it wasn't required. I can live with 8hr or so battery life. I would still be using the desktop primarily at home. Not sure if I will carry the tablet with me whenever I go out of the house, knowing that we become human sandwiches inside the trains at rush hour. Eventually I won't care, but at first I will be reluctant to carry the tablet In my backpack.

That inner case that I'm getting extra with the tablet is billed separately so I wonder if it would be shipped separately. Dell being all professional and such, sent me lots of receipts regarding the order. They also sent me how to track the order. That's what I'm gonna do in the next couple of days: track track and track!

It's a small post but just wanted give you all a heads-up about the current situation.

Dell Latitude  10 Essentials 64GB

Just checked the ETA and it's gonna be 9th of March!!! WTF!!! On their site they are saying that if you are not customizing it, it should be shipped in 1-2 days. The only thing that changed was the language of the OS. That's taking them 10 days??? This is infuriating. I'm already disappointed in Dell. :(

Both the inner case and the tablet are ETAed for 9th of March. :((((((((


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