Saturday, March 2, 2013

Crysis 3 multiplayer game play update 13/03/02

It's been more than a week since I've started playing Crysis 3 and I am already so mad that the game hasn't been launched for Japan. There aren't any Japanese servers that I can connect to. Every server that I see are located in a different continent. Consequently the ping times are well above 200ms. The kill replay makes me sad. The opponent had seen me well before I had. Going head to head is almost impossible unless the opponent is having an even worse ping time than I am. :(

There are few Indian servers I see on the server browser screen, but they are not online all the time. Either the server is not online, or the players aren't connected to it. I managed to get around 170ms when they were working and the improvement in lag was pretty noticeable. But some time later I got close to 300ms ping. :/

There is a funny thing with the server browser screen as well. It shows weird ping times. At the beginning, every server was having a 20000ms+ ping time. But when I checked the ping time from within a game, I was showing a the correct values. After the 1.1 update, now it's showing some sane values like 110ms, 190ms, 290ms etc on the server browser screen. 110ms should be fine, right? Well, it's not really 110ms. When I check it from within a game, it's pretty longer than that. I can sometimes feel much longer delays on those servers than the ones I thought was giving around 200ms. Australian servers are giving about 200ms. Those players are monsters and I don't wanna touch those servers unless I'm playing with them rather than against them.

I cannot remember if it was like the same back when Crysis 2 came out. But back then, my priority was to play the single player campaign mode, not the multiplayer mode. I haven't played more than 15 minutes of the single player campaign this time. Perhaps I should change my priorities. I should play the single player now, and resume the multiplayer mode once proper servers appear.

So as of right now, I'm barely keeping a 1.5 K/D ratio in multiplayer mode. (You can check up how I'm doing by clicking the Crysis 3 image on top right hand corner of this blog.) I hope it (K/D) will improve when I play on Japanese servers starting from this month. However, with all the online courses that I have taken up, there isn't enough time to play games. Though, they are almost near conclusion.

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