Monday, March 18, 2013

Crysis 3 multiplayer server browser is broken!

When I started playing Crysis 3, there weren't any Japanese servers around because the game had not been released in Japan yet. The game was supposed to be released in Japan on 7th of March and I was hoping to find Japanese servers after that because it would give me good pings. If I connect to servers outside Japan, the lowest pings that I'm getting is about 170ms. When I was playing Crysis 2 on Japanese servers, I was getting absolutely marvelous ping times. There were servers that even gave me ping times below 10ms. Sure, that gave us an advantage I suppose. But it's not out fault.
Unfortunately, the server browser is so effed up. I cannot see any Japanese servers. When I filter by geography (Asia, in my case) sometimes not a single server show up. That's kind of hard to believe. We are talking about a whole continent here. Not a single server in Asia? Bah!
Then there was a problem at the beginning. All the servers were showing ping times of 2xxxx ms. Very easy to choose a server. I had to stick with servers that gave away the location of them in the server name.
But this issue was fixed after a patch. Still there is a nasty bug in the server browser regarding the ping times. The ping times shown on server browser is completely different to what I would get inside the game. It's OK if the delta times are constant. It's not the case.
  • You might see a 280ms ping server on server browser but when you join the game, it will be about 200ms ping. That's a win. But you never chose to go with the high ping server. (Remember, when you quit a game before finishing it, that goes as a defeat.)
  • The you might see a server with 190ms ping on the server browser, only to find that you are actually getting 300ms+ ping while in the actual game play. :@

For example, here’s what the server browser shows.

Server Browser Ping

Here’s what I actually get inside the game.

In-game ping

Crytek needs to fix these two problems before a lot of people give up on the game. Crysis 2 has similar issues, but at least it wasn't this bad. And I could actually find Japanese servers.
It's been almost 2 weeks since Japan got Crysis 3 and I'm still playing on Australian servers that give me 200ms or longer ping times. Sucks!

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