Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nvidia 314.14 beta drivers released just in time for Tomb Raider

The next iteration of Tomb Raider (the game, not the movie) and Sim City are coming out tomorrow (US) and just like always, NVidia has released a new video driver to give the best to their customers. They do come with some performance improvements for older games as well. Unfortunately, there is no mention of anything for Crysis 3. Shame. I thought Crysis 3 was THE top of their priority list. Who the heck cares for Tomb Raider or Sim City or other games that are coming out this month? We all only care about Crysis 3.

Anyways, if you happen to be playing games that show some improvement, go ahead and check them out.

You can download the drivers and check out which games got a performance boost from

Or you can simply use NVidia GeForce Experience. Winking smile


Note: I only install the driver and the PhysX software. If you too don’t wanna install all the other stuff, use Custom Installation when it prompts.

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