Wednesday, March 13, 2013

[Unboxing] DELL Latitude 10 Essentials 64GB Unboxing

Few days ago I received my brand new DELL Latitude 10 Essentials tablet running Windows 8 32bit. DELL Japan took a long time to ship it, just because I asked for the English OS to be installed on it. But thanks to @DellCares twitter account, I managed to pull the ETA forward by a few days. Original ETA was 10th of March, then it shifted to 12th of March, but in the end it arrived on the 8th. (Although I had to attend a party after work, and I didn't get to play with it much on the 8th.)

I'm still getting accustomed to using a Windows 8 tablet, so the review shall wait another few days. It's not that I don't know how to use Windows, but I have to mostly use Metro apps on the tablet thanks to the touch unfriendly desktop environment. I don’t use Metro apps on the desktop at all. Also, things that I expected to work without much hassle, turned out to be problematic. For example, I was hoping to use Google Chrome (Metro) as the main web browser but the interface is very slow on Clovertrail and not that touch friendly compared to IE.

Ok, back to main topic.

This is what it all came in.


The box itself is not aesthetically pleasing like the iPad's or the Surface's packaging, but who cares, right? This is a cheap tablet, so they had to cut costs from every single area they could.

So what was in the box? Not much.

・The tablet itself, covered in a clothe like cover
・The power brick. That's one ugly power brick if you ask me! It doesn't attach magnetically. You have to plug it into the dock connector in the bottom of the tablet.
・A software CD. How the heck am I supposed to install it? Am I supposed to download an external CD/DVD drive now? They should have bundled them in a small flash drive. Flash drives are dirt cheap these days anyways. Or, not provide a CD at all!
・User manual








That's all. It's minimalistic, but not as luxurious looking as an iPad's or Surface's package.

Wait! I know what you are thinking. Where's the inner case that I was supposed to get free of charge? It's arriving separately, and it's taking another few days. I guess they are making one just for me!!! Funny.

Edit: The Dell Latitude 10 Essentials review is out. Check it out here.


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