Monday, March 18, 2013

Got the inner case for my DELL Latitude 10 Essentials tablet

One of the reasons why I chose the DELL Latitude 10 Essentials as my tablet was because I was getting a protective case for the tablet for free thanks to a promotion offered through The protective case was worth about JPY3,000 so that was a nice bit of savings. The tablet did not ship with the case in the same package. It was delivered as a separate order. Unfortunately, it got delayed about a week. I finally received it last Friday.

One of the cool things about this case is that you can place the tablet in a standing orientation as a typical computer monitor. The Microsoft Surface has its own “kick stand” and it’s a nice design. None of the other tablets come with its own kick stand. This is how the DELL Latitude 10 gets its kick stand. The amount of tilt is not fixed as is the case with Surface. You can place it at any angle.

It looks like well made too. Feels very sturdy. And the material feels rich. It does come with a stylus mount as well, even though the Latitude 10 Essentials model does not support Wacom stylus. That’s a bit of bloat. But it is not intrusive because it is on the back of the tablet.

But there is one problem. The tablet weighs 650g. That’s getting into the uneasy region already. With the protective case, it weighs even more. It’s kinda too heavy to keep holding the tablet in your hand with the protective case attached.

I do not use the tablet with the protective case attached. I would only use it when/if I need to take the tablet out of the house, which hasn’t happened so far.

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