Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Got my self-gifted birthday present 3 weeks later - Crysis 3

I loved every Crysis title ever released but it was Crysis 2 that really made the difference. That's when I started playing multiplayer mode. Me and my buddy Suresh used to play the game a lot back in the day. I managed to get into the top 200 ranked players back then but then I stopped. It was time to move to another game: namely Battlefield 3. I wasn't that good in BF3 but I enjoyed the game a lot. It was completely the opposite kind of game play for me. Crysis 2 was a about carrying a shotgun and blasting someone's head open and most of the action was head-to-head. It was a lot more adrenaline boosting than playing BF3. Most of the times I played BF3 as a sniper. Nothing left to say.

I bought (actually preordered) Crysis 2 when I was visiting back home in December 2010 I think. So I managed to grab it dirt cheap because prices in the Indian EA Store are usually much cheaper than USA and especially Japan. Japanese prices are too much. And they come dubbed in Japanese I think (not completely sure though). Just imagine playing Crysis 3 dubbed in Japanese!!

Crysis-3-Hunter-Edition-N2098_XLAnyways, I went back to Sri Lanka last December and the top item in my to-do list was to preorder Crysis 3. But unfortunately EA have decided not to let us preorder AAA titles (Crysis 3 is definitely one of them) from that store. In fact, it doesn't even come up in search results. This is because people were exploiting the fact that the games are cheaper in the Indian EA store (or Origin Store), hence they don't want to show the price that they are going to sell beforehand. People will use proxies to connect to Indian store and get the game cheaply. In addition to not allowing preordering, they are also delaying the game a few days compared to the North American release date. People who really want to get the game ASAP will then buy from their respective store, paying the correct amount of money. I wonder why Japanese version is delayed then. The darn thing costs about $85 here. It is coming out almost 3 weeks after the North American release.

So my top item in the to-do list was failed to achieve. I then thought, fine I will wait till they release it on Indian Store. I can connect to our home PC in Sri Lanka and buy it. But now I know I don't have to go through that pain anymore. I can simply use a proxy listed on and connect to the Indian store.

But then my friend from GAMER LK told me that I can buy one from people who are selling the codes for the game. Who are these people? How do they have the game? One answer. AMD's Never Settle Bundle Refresh. AMD is giving away games for free when you buy their high-end graphics card. Crysis 3 is one of those games and there are people (weird, but true) who sell these games at around half the price. My friend pointed me at this guy who is living in Europe (note this because it's important because I made a mistake, which I will tell later.) and I contacted him via Steam. He seemed to be a nice guy. He asked for $35 for it at first. I was told that he promised to give it for $28. Seeing my hesitation, he dropped the price to $30. Well, that's only $2 more than I was told so I went ahead with it. I had to pay him via PayPal. That was my first time using PayPal to send money to a person. He guided me through it. And it worked well. He gave me the code for the game that has to be redeemed through Origin and it all worked great.... except I was a bit disappointed to find out that I cannot play the game till 22nd!!!

Crysis 3 Pre-loaded

Why? Because this particular key is intended for Europe and the game has not been released to Europe yet. That's happening on 22nd. I didn't think that the key can be tracked like that. But apparently it can be. So ideally I should have bought from someone living in USA. You learn something new everyday. I could however install the game and I did that. Now when I go home on the 22nd, I'm expecting it to work out of the box.

This is the first time I’ve gifted myself a game. It’s a cheap gift, but there isn’t anything else worth buying at this moment.

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