Monday, February 4, 2013

Jailbreak for iOS 6.1 is almost here


OK, it’s now available for iOS 6.1 as well as iOS 6.1.1 (version 1.3 onwards). Grab it soon. =)

To the original story…

I’ve been monitoring evasi0n’s website since yesterday and as I write this post, 96% of work is finished. Today’s (in the USA) release is imminent. Unfortunately I might not be able to get it before going to bed. Hopefully it will be available by the time I wake up tomorrow. Oh well, I can live without the Jailbreaks one more day.

I am wondering, should I get the iPhone 5 now? I mean, the chances are that the iPhone 5S or the next model will take ages to see a working Jailbreak. I will be hesitant to buy the new phone without a working Jailbreak. The devs took more than 5 months to bring this upcoming Jailbreak. But it could be that they waited till Apple released 6.1. Remember how some guy posted a photo of a Jailbroken iPhone5 in Twitter just days after it was released?

Anyways, here’s the status on evasi0n’s website as of now.


Anyways, just cannot wait to make my phone personal once again. Not personal to Steve Jobs. :/

I’ll post back about how things go with the Jailbreak and about the tweaks that I am gonna use.

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