Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cydia is finally alive…sort of…

If you are interested about Jailbreaking, you should already know that evasi0n Jailbreak Tool was released less than 24 hours ago which could Jailbreak every handset running iOS 6 up to 6.1. There was a massive surge in accesses to Cydia servers soon after the Jailbreak was released which caused Cydia and its repositories to go down.

I tried to access Cydia for many hours but failed. Well, it is somewhat accessible now. Some repositories still don’t work at all. they give errors when you try to install apps from them. But most of the problems will be automatically fixed it you give them some time. Either way, you cannot buy any new stuff. You can still download the free stuff, but they are telling you to wait another day till you make payments.


Right now, I am unable to install Zephyr, the best Jailbreak tweak that I have ever used, which I have actually bought as well. I’ll try it tomorrow. I have been able to download almost everything else, but I will write a proper blog post when everything is running smoothly.

Oh btw, WS Wallpaper made the Springboard to crash so I had to remove it. Perhaps a working tweak will come out soon. It’s not big deal anyways – just some fancy eye candy.

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