Wednesday, December 11, 2013

[Rant] Samsung 840 Pro finally supports Rapid Mode but no love for 840 non-pro

When Samsung released the 840 EVO, it introduced this new feature called Rapid mode where the SSD could use a portion of RAM as a super fast cache for the SSD to speed up reads and writes. At that time, only the 840 EVO family of SSDs supported this feature. There were rumors that this feature would eventually come to the other two models of the 840 family, the 840 Pro and the 840 non-Pro.

Yesterday Samsung updated their Samsung Magician software to bring Rapid mode to the 840 Pro family of SSDs. All you have to do is install Samsung Magician version 4.3. If you already have an older version installed, you will be prompted to update when you launch it.

It is nice that Rapid Mode doesn’t need a firmware update.


But that makes me wonder, why isn’t the 840 non-pro supported? If it can be done by just updating their Magician software, they could bring this feature to the 840 non-pro models without any problems, right? Does that mean these drives are never going to get the Rapid Mode? That would really suck!

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