Tuesday, December 3, 2013

[Rant] GeForce Experience version 1.8 comes out

And it gets rid of restrictions a lot of people had with ShadowPlay. You'll need a GeForce 600 series or newer graphics card to use the Shadow Play terminology.

You can download it from this link.


Here are the release highlights.

This release adds user adjustable optimal settings and numerous improvements for ShadowPlay.

Optimal Settings

  • New optimal settings slider adds fine grained control over performance and quality tradeoff
  • Ability to select and optimize for different resolutions
  • Ability to select Windowed, Full-screen, or Windowed Borderless modes.


  • Removes 3.8GB file limitation in Win7.
  • Record up to 20 minutes in Shadow Mode
  • Unlimited recording in Manual Mode
  • ShadowPlay creates new files once 3.8GB is reached
  • Captures video without re-scaling at up to 1080p. At higher resolutions, aspect ratio is preserved.
  • Adds microphone recording
  • Captures video at 60 fps instead of 62 fps
  • Reduces stuttering in captured video

Other Improvements

  • NVIDIA "UpdatusUser" user account is no longer required for installation
  • Adds ability to scan for games in folders and network drivers with user

Now that I'm getting a 1440p display, I would be able to record the videos at native 1440p. But I don't think I'll keep using those settings. 1080p is all I need. But if your aspect ratio isn't 16:9 (like in the case of 1200p or 1600p displays), you can now record at the native aspect ratio. (Edit: Looks like you cannot choose the recording resolution. That means, on a 1440p display, the video would be recorded at 1440p. Yikes!)

The other thing is that now it can multiplex audio stream from the mic as well. This would be great for people who want to record gameplay videos with commentary. Man, I need to get into that soon.

Still no streaming support to Twitch though.

It further removes some restrictions it had with Windows 7 like max file size and max recording duration, but I don't care about Windows 7.

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