Wednesday, December 4, 2013

[Fix] Visual Studio 2008 crashes every time I change the layout and exit


You must be wondering what I'm doing with Visual Studio 2008. Unfortunately, that's what we are using for developing the printer driver at work. Soon I think we will be upgrading it straight to version 2013 but I have no idea how soon that would be.

Anyways, I had been predominantly using Windows 8 on my work PC but it seemed to act a bit strangely in the last few days so I switched to Windows 7. For some reason, Visual Studio would crash if I changed the layout of the different panes and exit it. The layout that had been saved some time ago was not optimal, so I desperately needed to change the layout.


The first thing that I tried was to delete VS2008 folder in Documents folder. That folder seemed to contain the user specific. I didn’t check whether the issue persisted across other user accounts though. But deleting that folder didn't fix the problem.

The next solution was to reinstall VS2008. Since I had SP1 installed on top of it, I thought I wouldn't be able to use repair. With some hesitation, I launched the uninstaller from the control panel. Still it asked me whether I wanted to repair it. Even though common sense made me believe that it wouldn't work, I just gave it a shot. Miraculously, it went through just fine and finished successfully.

Before installing SP1, I tested if repairing made the problem go away. And it had!!! I was feeling relieved. Then I installed SP1 and set VS2008 to use WinSDK version 7.1 (instead of the inbuilt libraries) which had been installed a long time ago and was untouched.

It’s a shame that I don't really know what caused the crashes. But I’m glad that I could fix it without needing pull my hair out. I had other things to attend to while the PC was busy repairing VS and updating SP1, so I didn’t have to watch though the slow repairing and installation of SP1. 

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