Sunday, December 29, 2013

[Rant] Finally cleaned the G15 keyboard

Putting my vacation into good use, today I cleaned my keyboard. There were a lot of dirt trapped between the keys. This is the first time I have cleaned it since buying it second hand from my friend, Saman.

I followed this guide to disassemble the keyboard. First of all, I took photos of the layout of the keyboard. Even though the guy says he used a brush the clean the dirt, I had to use soap and wash it. There was too much dirt and most of it was stuck in there. They wouldn’t come off, even with a tooth brush. After washing the keyboard, I used a cloth to wipe off the moisture and then used the hairdryer to dry it.

Dirty G15 (1)

Dirty G15 (2)

Dirty G15 (3)

After that, I put all the keys in a wash basin and cleaned all of them one by one. I didn’t do it thoroughly because the keys themselves didn’t have much dirt on them. Then I put them on cooking towels (paper towels) and let the moisture be soaked up by them. Finally, I used the hairdryer for about 10 minutes to clean the keys.

Putting the keys back on took a long time because I just couldn’t put them back without looking at the photos. I can type without looking the keyboard, but when it came to putting the keys back on, I couldn’t do it by heart.

Anyways, after that I assembled the keyboard and turned the PC on. Everything went find and now I am typing this post with the freshly cleaned keyboard. They keys aren’t hard to press, but for some reason the keys still feel stiffer than the ones on the cheap keyboard at work.




I guess I will have to go for a mechanical keyboard to truly get the comfortable feeling when typing. I know it is an upgrade, but that is kind of money that I am not willing to spend right now. I would be more than happy to buy a mechanical keyboard if my G15 broke. But since I cannot sell this keyboard, I don’t feel like sending this keyboard to the store room.

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