Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[Rant] Twitch streaming finally comes to Geforce Experience

Guess what popped up when I turned on the PC. New update for NVidia GeForce Experience application. What was the update about? Twitch streaming. Now you can directly stream videos to Twitch - free of charge and free of performance penalty - if you have a qualified NVidia graphics card. 


This is where you enable Twitch streaming. The default shortcut keys to activate streaming is ALT + F8.


I had a Twitch account which had never been used before and I logged into it. 


You can record audio from mic and show yourself from the webcam overlay. But for now, I disabled both. 

Then I launched NFS Rivals and tried to stream a gameplay video. It seemed to have worked, but I didn't check it while I was streaming. I had not enabled the option where you can save your recordings for a while, so that video wasn't saved.

So I don't know if it really worked. All I did was press ALT + F8 while playing the game and an indicator showed up in the usually place. That's all I know. 
Will try back when I get back home from work and report back. Hold on tight!

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