Friday, December 20, 2013

[Rant] My iPhone 5S did something fishy last night while I was asleep

When I went to bed, I checked the remaining battery level in the phone. It was a 85%. I thought that was good enough for tomorrow and I went to bed. I didn't expect to see even a 5% drop of battery level the next day I woke up.

Anyways, I didn't check the battery levels when I woke up.

I was listening to a Podcast while I was getting ready to go to work and it suddenly stopped playing back. Why did that happen? The 20% low battery warning message had popped up. Until you press the OK button, it doesn't go away and the audio doesn't resume.
I thought it was weird how the battery level had dropped that much overnight. There wasn't much I could do at home. In a few minutes I had to run for the train. However, I closed all the apps that were running in the background thinking one of the apps might be causing this.

The battery level was at 17% when I got aboard the train - a further 3% had dropped in the last 10 minutes or so. I rebooted the phone once I got aboard the train. But the battery level still kept dropping. At one time it was at 9% and in a flash it dropped to 4%. I knew something was up. I was listening to the same Podcast all along and I didn't want to lose it. I would feel bored with all the uninterested Japanese people around me. So I stopped using the phone (I was web browsing) and put it in the pocket but kept the Podcast running as it shouldn’t drain the battery that much. When I got off the train, the battery level was still at 3%. Phew! At least it didn't die.

By the time I got to the office, the battery level had dropped to 1%. I quickly connected the phone to the lightning cable for charging. (I'm just glad that I paid JPY200 and bought a cheap Lightning cable.) Funny thing was, when I plugged the phone in, the battery level suddenly jumped to 5% and a further 2% when I authenticated the PC.
Anyways, I let the battery charge all the way up to 100%. After about 3hrs (by around 11am), I managed to charge the battery completely. 3 hours, man! However after that, the battery drain problem went away. The battery level didn’t drop below 75% until I got back home. I didn't use the phone a lot during the day time, to be honest. I used it the most while I was commuting. Hey, you are not supposed to use the phone at work.

It is strange that this is not the first time something like this has happened to me. But this was the first time for this phone - the iPhone 5S. I think it was caused by either an erroneous app or a bug in the OS. But the last time when that happened, the phone got very warm. But this time, the phone didn't get any warmer, although it could be because of the protective case (click here to the case I’m using on my iPhone 5S). When I had the iPhone 4S, the case was a thin silicon cover and I could easily feel the heat of the phone when the battery was draining quickly.
I just hope this won’t ever happen again, especially when I’m away from a power source.

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