Saturday, December 14, 2013

[Rant] Another bios update for the Asus Maximum VI Hero

No more than an hour ago I posted that I updated my motherboard’s bios to version 1002. And now, there is another updated bios available – version 1102. Without hesitation, I updated the board’s bios to version 1102.

I don’t know why nobody posts a detailed change log with these BIOS updates anymore. All they say is “improve system stability” or something as such. At least tell us how it would improve system stability. Dumb! Why is Asus acting like a tier 3 motherboard maker? And this is Asus’s top of the line motherboard series - the Maximus VI!!!


This time though, it didn’t need to update the iROG thingy. After flashing the bios, it had to go through 5 rounds of power up and power down cycles before it came back to life. Nothing has changed from the last time. I wonder why this is happening. Is it by design? Or is there something wrong with this particular board? I hope it is the former. I hate RMAing. I hate to see a dying motherboard, although the chances are that I would get a board with the newer revision – where they fixed the USB 3.0 bug. This board has the issue although I haven’t come across it yet as I don’t use USB hard drives and I hardly use Sleep.

Anyways, just like the previous 1002 bios, if I enabled EPU power saving, it would fix the CPU Vcore at 1V and I would get a BSOD. Either they broke it with this firmware, or maybe they want us to disable it so that the PC becomes more stable when overclocked. I had to disable it just like with the 1002.

And one more thing. I tried if these newer firmware would help me overclock the CPU more. No, the board has hardly anything to do with overclocking Haswell CPUs. It’s all about the CPU. If the CPU can go much higher, even an entry level motherboard would be able to get it there. The board has very little to do with overclocking Haswell CPUs. SADNESS!

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