Friday, December 27, 2013

[Rant] Figured out buying a 3rd Lightning cable was the wise thing to do

Remember a while back I bought a lightning cable for my iPhone 5S to keep it at work? I figured, why not buy another for home use. That way, I can keep the original cable in the box unharmed.

When I sold my iPhone 4S, Dospara deducted JPY2,000 from the maximum amount of money receivable because its USB charging cable was damaged. This happened with my old iPhone 3GS as well. It seems I’m not alone. A lot of people seem to get it damaged near the end that plugs into the phone. I don’t know how easily the lightning cable gets damaged. I didn’t want to test. So I paid the JPY200 and bought a second cable. It works just fine as the other one. Charges the phone and sync with iPhone.

I’d rather pay JPY200 than reduce the worthiness of the phone by JPY2,000.


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