Sunday, December 29, 2013

[Podcast] Comoputer Hardware and Gaming - Episode 9

Finally managed to find time to do the first episode of out podcast for this month. This is the episode 9 of Computer Hardware and Gaming.
One big difference is that the airing time has been brought forward by an hour because it is too late for me otherwise. The new airing time is 2pm GMT. (7:30pm LK time). We'll continue from this new time from this episode onwards.
One more thing. We are planning to do it every week now. We used to do it every other week, but if we missed one show, we would miss two weeks. When we do it every week, even if we miss one week, we will not lose out on too many podcasts. Hence, the next show will be on 4th of January.
In this episode, we talked about the following topics.
  • Issues of R9 290/290x graphics cards including performance thottling, US price hike, upcoming custom cards and the local prices.
  • Intel Atom Baytrail CPUs for tablets and desktops
  • The upcoming USB 3.1 specification
  • The usefulness of the Intel Smart Response Technology
  • Causes of Display Driver Stopped Working issue
  • And other chitchat
If you missed the live broadcast on Google Hangouts, you can watch it below via YouTube.

Google have improved Google Hangouts and now we can join the viewers to post comments. Even though we didn't do it this time, we are planning to ask others to join and ask their questions. I mean, we are hoping to do a quick Q/A session of about 15 minutes. Of course we won't be able to answer all the questions then and there, so for those hard questions, we will hopefully provide a satisfactory anwer by the next show. Still not confirmed if we can get it working by the next show that is on 4th of January though.

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