Saturday, December 14, 2013

[Rant] Loading Overclocking Profiles from USB drive on Asus Maximus VI Hero board after updating bios? Hopeless!

When you update the firmware on the Maximus VI Hero board, your overclocking profiles will be erased. There is a feature where you can save your overclocking profiles in a USB flash drive and load them up from it. I wasn’t sure if it would work if I updated the firmware because there would be some version mismatching. But this feature is useless to me, if it cannot work that way.

So today, I wanted to test whether it could still load the profile from the USB flash drive.

  • Old firmware version: 1002
  • New firmware version: 1102

Before I flashed the firmware, I saved it to my USB flash drive from this page.


Then I flashed the firmware. After everything was done, I went into the bios and tried to load the overclocking profile that was saved on the USB flash drive. And I was presented with an infuriating message.

“Failed to load the BIOS settings. Load only the profile with the same BIOS version as the current one”

Agh!!!! Hopeless.

Now I have to manually set all the settings by referring to the photos I took from the phone. That is such a pain. There are a million settings I have to set in this board.

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