Friday, November 1, 2013

[Rant] How do you guys manage the cable clutter behind your PC?

One of the advantages of buying an Apple iMac or any other all-in-one desktop is that you don't get the cable clutter behind your PC which you would otherwise get with a typical desktop PC. In my PC, I have like dozen cables behind the desk. Some desks have a board at the back that would hide most of that clutter, but mine doesn't. You. Can see all those cables and it looks ugly. 

Couple of days ago, I moved the computer desk to a slightly different place. While the new place allows me to show off the internals of the PC unlike before, the cable clutter also became more visible. So I had to do something about it.

I bundled cables that went to the same direction together. Some I routed along the edge of the floor and wall. The display power cable and the main speaker cable were routed along a leg of a desk and taped. The main bundle consisting if the HDMI cable, keyboard cable and the webcam cable were routed right in the middie and that's what's visible mainly. However, there is still the two iPhone cables, headphone cable and the LeapMotion cable which I haven't been able to take care of. The headphone cable is so darn long. Maybe I should completely remove the headset and keep it elsewhere when in not using it. 



(The iPhone 5S camera didn't seem to do a good job there! Too lazy to pull up the Canon S95.)

Perhaps I should get a USB hub and connect all those USB cables to it? Maybe I should get a dock? Maybe I should get a Roccat Apuri which is a USB hub + mouse cable holder (to reduce the drag with the desk or mouse pad or whatever the cable comes in contact with, when you are playing games.

Or perhaps this is good enough. It is night and day better than what it was like before. 

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