Friday, November 15, 2013

[Unboxing] Asus Transformer Book T100 unboxing–photos

I should have posted this before talking about the first impressions on my new tablet – the Asus Transformer Book T100 32GB model. But better late than never, right?


The packaging. Simple and elegant. Well, not as simple as an iPad’s packaging, but much better than the products that used to ship couple of years ago.


The tablet is right on top of everything. For a cheap tablet, it was packaged really well.


The keyboard dock. It is quite small actually.


Free 32GB Micro SD card in the box. Asus bundled one for the first 10,000 tablets and this was apparently one of them. It is just Class 4 SD Card, but something is better than nothing. I would only use this to store data. So far, I have created a folder on the SD Card and am syncing it with the Asus Cloud Storage.


A reasonably small sized charger. The old tablet had a massive charger like for a laptop made 5 years ago.

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