Saturday, November 2, 2013

[Guide] If you cannot hear the voices clearly in movies, here's a fix

If you watch a lot of movies, you might have felt that the background noises make the conversations not clearly audible. It is more problematic of you live in an apartment where you cannot ramp up the volume to so that the voices are audible. It would cause the volume of the other big sounds like explosions too loud. I had this problem for along time and in movies that have a lot of action, I had to walk to the speakers and back to the seat many times to increase and decrease the volume. Increase so that the vocals are audible; decrease so that the floor above is doesn't fall apart. 

There is a solution to this and it had been there all this time. But I never saw that this would be the solution to this problem. The solution is Loudness Equalization.

Almost all the audio cards (including motherboard's integrated audio) have this option in the audio control panel. I never used this until now. Different manufactures call it different names. But I'm sure you would be able to figure it out. However, different implementations might sound better or worse than another implementation, so you'll have to see if it works well for you with your audio setup. But on my Asus Maximus VI Hero's integrated audio solution, it works perfectly.

When I updated the audio drivers, this setting was returned to the default setting (OFF) and I immediately recognized that something was wrong. That's when I felt how much of a difference this setting made. 

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