Thursday, November 7, 2013

[Rant] Can a Windows 8.1 tablet survive with just 32GB primary storage?

In other words, do you really need 64GB? This question rose up because I didn't want to spend $100 just to double the 32GB standard storage on the Asus Transformer Book T100. The prices in Japan are heavily inflated. I haven't bought the tablet as of this writing, but I might own one by the time you read it.

The 32GB model costs $349 in the US but costs $449 in Japan. The 64GB model costs $399 in the US but costs $549 in Japan. Sucks! However, most shops are giving 10% points which can be used when you buy something else. But you have to buy it from the same shop.

I currently have the Dell Latitude 10 Essentials tablet with 64GB storage. Currently I have 38GB free space left in it. But I don't have any data stored on the tablet. Nor legacy applications. The 26GB is gone for Windows, Metro apps (and their data), Recovery partition and 2GB each for pagefile and hiberfile. Funny thing is though, the usable drive space is only 51.3GB. I don't think the recovery partition is taking up 12.7GB though.  Dell must be lying. So if only 13.3GB has been using up for everything (I don't have any 3rd party legacy apps installed, nor Microsoft Office), I think 32GB is not going to be a big issue.

See, only 51.3GB is the capacity of the C drive

Why the heck do you need that many partitions to get Recovery to work? Dumb Dell!

I can use a micro-SD card for data. But I need to have enough space for the apps and applications. Office too, as I get it as a free download. I don't think I would install anything else that is worth mentioning though. Perhaps Visual Studio to do some programming from the bed? I mean, even though it was out of the question with the Dell, the Asus T100 comes with the keyboard that makes a lot of things happen. 

I read a review on and the reviewer said that the tablet came with 18GB free space. After installing few stuff, he was left with just 11GB free space. If I make up my mind to get the 32GB version, I will definitely have to buy a SD card to store the data. But I don't really need to store anything on the tablet. At home, I would always use the home network to access the content from the desktop PC. If I take the tablet out, even then I wouldn't need to copy a million GBs in there. Perhaps a movie? Or a TV show? That won't take up a lot of space anyways. However, since my phone finally supports tethering, I can browse using the tablet's large screen. 

Basically, I think I can survive with just 32GB. I might have to buy an SD card though.

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