Sunday, November 24, 2013

[Rant] I've had enough with the Apple EarPods

Some time back, my Zagg Smart Buds broke. I didn't buy a new set of ear buds because I was going to get the iPhone 5S a couple of months after, and they should come with Apple's redesigned EarPods which were first announced with the iPhone 5. Until then, I used the old ear buds that came with my iPhone 4S.

When the iPhone 5S came out, I upgraded as early as possible. I've had the iPhone 5S for about 2 months now. That means, I've been using the Apple EarPods for about 2 months. And they suck!

There were two big issues with the old ear buds. They don't stay fit and the audio quality is bad.

The new ones are better in terms of the audio quality (but worse than a proper set of ear buds). However, although they are designed to fit in the ears better than the old one, for me, that hasn’t been the case. They fall so easily when I walk and ride the bike. I cannot turn the head without them coming off. Sucks!

Which means, I need a new set of ear buds!

There are two options for me.

One, get a new pair of Zagg Smart buds. I should wait for the Black Friday deals though. That’s only one more week to go, if I am not mistaken. Zagg is known to come up with nice Black Friday deals. The only issue is that I will still have to pay for shipping. And I would have a hard time claiming warranty in case they broke because I will have to send them back which costs money! Sadness. Too bad they don't sell Zagg products in Japan There was a Japanese store a while back, but not anymore. Amazon is selling a handful of products, but they don't have the SmartBuds.

Zagg Smart Buds

Or get a pair of Bluetooth ear buds. Do they make ear buds? You can get Headsets but I don't want to look like a dork wearing them. A headset would be inconvenient. Something like this would do.

Since I have never used a Bluetooth headphone before in my life or any Bluetooth device for that matter, I think I need to search a little bit more about these devices.

    1. First of all, it needs to be compatible with the iPhone.
    2. It should be comfortable to wear and and it should not fall off quite easily.
    3. The battery life is another thing to be concerned about.
    4. And then the price.
    5. Finally the sound quality. I believe most of them would give better audio quality than the EarBuds.

      Anyways, I’ll wait and see how good of a deal I would get from Zagg on Black Friday. Then I’ll decide what to get. Perhaps I should postpone all these research stuff (although they are exciting) to after 1st of December and focus on the JLPT N2 exam!!!

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