Friday, November 22, 2013

[Lifestyle] A new offer at Dominos and we took it

I really hate when they fill our post box with all these product advertisements/brochures. Most of the times we throw them away even without reading them. But yesterday there was one from Dominos Pizza where it said that if you came to their place and bought pizza as takeaway, you were entitled for one of the following three offers.
  • Buy one pizza, get one free
  • Get a free pack of side dishes
  • Get 20% discount on the purchase if it is more than ¥2000
We decided that we were going to have pizza for dinner. And we decided to pick the first option out of the three. We chose a pizza that was priced at ¥2,000. That's still quite expensive but it seemed that this one offered the best bang for the buck. It's the Domino Deluxe (medium size).

When you order the pizza online, you get a further 5% off the total. So what you could do is order the pizza online and go collect I afterwards. The pizza joint was only about 1.4km away from our apartment. Or 5 minutes away on the bike. Good thing is that they give an estimate on how long it will take for them to finish baking the pizza. You could even track the status of it online. So you could get there just as when they finish baking it. No time to lose. Stomach is calling.
Even though we decided to pick the first option, we couldn't get it to work. Regardless of the price of the pizza we chose, that option was grayed out. The other two options could be chosen though. (Even with the 5% discount) Don’t know what the reason is. The site didn’t mention the reason.
So we changed to the second option. But we couldn't choose which side pack to get. We had to take what they offered us. We couldn't see what they'll put in it before hand. We hoped that they won't cheap out on it though.
The next great thing about Dominos is that you could use the Rakuten account to pay for the order. Not just the use of the Rakuten credit card but the entire Rakuten account. That means you could use the points to pay for the order if you had any. I had 2,300+ points from previous purchases. So I could get away with just using the points. It is always better to use the points as soon as you can because you might not get another chance. Although you can use the points when you guy anything from Rakuten online store, I don't buy a lot of stuff from them because usually the stuff I want I buy are expensive over there.
So basically, we ordered a pizza and a side pack and didn't have to pay for it.
We had to set a time as to when we would come and pick it up. I put the earliest time that they let me pick - 8:15pm. The order was placed at 7:44pm. It takes them 30 minutes to bake the pizza. We can monitor the status online as well. At first the status didn't seem to move at all. But by around 8pm, the status started to change. Since everything seemed to go well, I took off to the pizza place at around 8:10.
It was quite cold and the roads to get to the pizza place was a bit deserted. I didn't meet many people on the way. I used Google maps to get to my destination. The pizza place was also small - very small. In fact, there was not place to sit and eat pizza there. You could only use take-away or order online. Is Dominos like that everywhere? PizzaHut provides space to sit and eat Pizza.
I had to talk to the person inside through a window. You cannot go inside – you have to wait outside, in the cold! But the good thing is that they had finished everything by the time I got there. I had to wait like 30 seconds after confirming my order. I showed them the email I received from Dominos about the order. It had the order ID and all the necessary details. I wonder how you could do it if you didn't have the email with you. Perhaps you could tell them your phone number and they could check. The phone number is also registered against the order. But it is better to have the order number with you, just in case. (Your phone’s battery can die on the way!)
On the way home, I tested how good the turn by turn navigation of Google Maps app was. I managed to get home without looking at the screen but there were a slight hiccup at the end. That deserves another post.
The side pack was as big as the pizza itself. It had fried shrimp, fried chicken, fried potatoes and nuggets. Not a bad deal actually. I wish there were French Fries instead of fried potatoes. That was the only thing that didn't taste nice.
This is after eating some of the shrimp in the side pack. And Pizza was all over the place after me riding the bike. But it tasted great!

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