Monday, November 25, 2013

[Rant] Finally managed to sell the Dell Latitude 10 Essentials tablet


The story so far…

Part 1: Found out that recovery was broken after upgrading to Windows 8.1

Part 2: Reinstalling Windows

Part 3: Making a Recovery Partition (failed attempt)

Part 4: Making the Recovery Partition (Success!)

Last Saturday (16th of November) was a working day. But I took the day off. No, it wasn't so that I can go and sell the tablet. But because I couldn't do with just one day off per week.

However, I did go out to sell the tablet on that day. We went to Akihabara. This was my wife’s second visit and my 5th or 6th.

I figured that Dospara (ドスパラパーツ館) would give me the most return for the tablet. Sofmap only offered me ¥15,000 for it. Dospara had estimated ¥20,000 about 3 weeks ago when I asked them. Sure, they wouldn't abide by that after three weeks. They estimate it for 3 days. But I knew it wouldn't drop to the ¥15,00 mark. Plus, they were giving an additional 10% for tablets these days. So at best, I could get ¥22,000.

So I went to the place and wrote my name on the list and waited till they called me. It took about 15 minutes because the person before me had a whole PC brought for assessment. Of course they don't assess then and there, but they had to check all the components present in the PC and give the customer an estimate of what he would get at the best case. If there are any internal defects, damages to the exterior or missing original accessories, they would further reduce the money they would pay otherwise.

When they called me, I told them that I had a previous estimate and about what happened at Kawasaki shop. I didn't want these guys to say that they also couldn't do anything about it. There didn't seem to be a problem over there though. They took it in and told me that because there were scratches on the back of the tablet that they have to reduce the price. Well, they were not scratch marks. The color of the areas where the tablet touches with the surface which it is placed on, had faded. It was noticeable. He tried to wipe it off but that didn't do any good. At least it didn't make things worse. So they offered me ¥18,000 for the tablet and the additional 10% on top of that. That means ¥19,800. I took it. It is almost ¥5,000 more than what Sofmap would have offered me. But of course, they needed to check it further.

It was about 1:30pm when we left the store. They told me to come back by 7pm. Yeah, it seemed to a long time. That’s because we didn’t get there early in the day. But we had a lot of time to wander around the streets in Akihabara. We also had Indian food for lunch. Then we (actually my wife) did some shopping. I was sad that I couldn’t check out all the new computer goodies showcased at the shops because my wife would not find them interesting.

At around 6pm, we went to the Dospara store to see if they had finished assessing the tablet, despite it was 1hr earlier than the time they suggested. Luckily, they had finished their work and there hadn't been any further issues concerning the tablet. Recovery was working fine – according to them. Apparently they didn't care/check that the recovery partition was a bit large as long as it was working fine.

I wasn't all that happy that they reduced ¥2000 for the color fades. ¥1000 would have been nice. But I was happy that I could finally get rid of the damned tablet. And it was still much better than the ¥15,000 that Sofmap was willing to pay.

After a lot of work, I’m finally glad to have gotten rid of the Dell Latitude 10 Essentials – my first tablet.

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