Wednesday, November 13, 2013

[Rant] Crysis 3 multiplayer is super fun but rage kicking drives me nuts!

It seems it is very easy to hack Crysis 3 (read review here) multiplayer just as Crysis 2 was. Some people can run fast, some can teleport, some can shoot through the walls, some use aim bots and some never die!
In fact, there is also a weapon in Crysis 3 that works like a hacked weapon. The bow! On kill cam, it seems you can use the arrows to even curve and hit your head!!! And you don't have to actually aim at the opponent to get a hit mark. Simply aiming at the opponent's whereabouts is enough. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work like that. The bow is my least favorite weapon. Fortunately, the servers that I play on, have banned the bow. But you can always find people who ignore the server rules until they are kicked.
Check out my Crysis 3 stats here.
Just like hackers, there is another thing that drives me insane. Rage kicks. Kick votes are there for one purpose. To kick hackers from the server. Well, perhaps you can use it to kick the laggers as well. Laggers mean, people with very high pings. Those players can make then whole game laggy.
But that's not what it is usually used for.
It is used to take revenge. When you constantly kill someone - even when your overall K/D is lower for the particular game, that player gets mad at you and initiates a kick vote. Others join in without even knowing why the kick vote was initiated. Sometimes people ask why the player in concern is being kicked for, but most of the times people don't care. They just like pressing F1 key it seems. That's how you vote in favor of the kick. Sometimes the whole team get together to save someone from being kicked unfairly. But if you are in the team that's going to win the game, everyone on the other side join in to kick the player. Hey, they'd do anything that might give them a chance of winning the game.
Low ranked players really seem to hate high ranked players. I consider myself a high ranked player. These days, this is pretty much the only issue I have with Crysis 3. (There is another issue - lack of local servers, but I've found a couple of servers where I can get decent pings. None of them are in Japan though.)
I think Crytek should make it harder for people to kick someone unfairly. First, they should make it more secure so that one cannot easily hack the game. Without doing that, they simply cannot just make it harder for people to kick players. Then they should ask a reason why they are kicking the player. I think the first kick should not go through. If multiple people initiate kicks, then it is possible that the player in concern is a hacker. If only one person initiates a kick, it is possible that it's a rage kick. Or maybe rank the player to see if that is a frequent kicker. If so, that player could be a rage kicker.
Sure, whatever they do, there would be false positives. And people will always complain. But I think  Crytek should do whatever they can to keep people giving up on Crysis. The chances of a low ranked player buying Crysis 4 (when it comes out) is lower than a high ranked player. High ranked players buy the game at launch which means they pay a high price.  Low ranked means that the guy didn't play the game from the beginning, which means that he/she bought it recently, perhaps came bundled with the graphics card. Prices drop and you get great deals and it is possible that player paid much less than the high ranked player paid for the game. If they want people who are interested in the game to buy the game early, paying a higher price, they need to address this issue.
But I doubt that this will happen in Crysis 3. Let's hope they fix it in Crysis 4. I really like the game but until 1st of December, I'm not going to play it as I have an exam to study for.
Oh btw, this guy has my exact thoughts.

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