Sunday, November 17, 2013

[Rant] Should I get a protective cover for the Asus T100 tablet?


The reason why I'm even considering a cover for the tablet is because of the glossy/slippery back. I want it made rough because if I keep it on my lap, it can easily slide off and fall. That happened once already. Plus, it also attracts a lot of finger prints. Plus, it would be easier to grip if the back was rough.

The old tablet, the Latitude 10 didn't have this problem. It had a very nice back which made it easier to grip. So I never thought of getting a cover for the back of it. However, because the screen was glossy, I bought an anti-glare screen film for the screen. I bought it from eBay. But I had to remove it after a couple of months because I had to send it back for repairs as the touch screen stopped working.
Anyways, the Dell is old news. Now I have a new tablet and it is awesome except for the aforementioned shinny back and a couple of small things.
Someone on Google Plus recommended me Skinomi for the back of the tablet. When I checked their website, I found that they already had skins for the T100. That is great. But the price is a bit on the high side. $29.95 on their website plus shipping which cannot be cheap. I found it $5 cheaper on eBay with a shipping cost of $10. $35 is kinda too high. Amazon (US) is selling it much cheaper though. Unfortunately, it is not available on Amazon Japan. Sadness.
By the way, I was looking at the following product. It comes with the screen protector as well, but it is not an anit-glare film. Unfortunately, one guy on Amazon was really pissed about this product. He says that you cannot connect the keyboard dock after applying the skin and that the screen protector produced so many air bubbles that he cannot read anything on the screen anymore. He probably messed up applying the screen protector, but if you cannot connect the keyboard dock afterwards. it is a massive fail.
I’ll probably wait a bit for more choices – choices available locally. It seems this tablet is selling well worldwide and soon we will see a lot of cases, covers and accessories for it.

Why cannot they make something that doesn’t need a protective cover already!!

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