Saturday, November 9, 2013

[Rant] Oops! Just ordered the Asus T100 tablet

I couldn't take it anymore. I weren't and ordered the Asus T100 tablet. The 32bit model! I think I can survive with just that much storage. 

I ordered it from Sofmap. The tablet cost $449 here but I got 11% points so it only cost about $399. Still a tad expensive than US price. It cannot be helped. I'm planning to sell the Dell on Monday which is a company holiday. Hopefully they will give me a good sum back. Even if they don't, I've had enough with the Dell. 

I should get the tablet  today in the evening. I actually placed the order yesterday and it has already been shipped. Unfortunately I won't be home when it arrives, so I will have to ask them to deliver it back when I'm home. 

Hope it won't disappoint me.

With the points that I received, I can either buy a 64GB MicroSD card or something else. The G602 mouse perhaps? The G710+ keyboard perhaps? Or a new video card? The points should remain intact for 2 years. I don't have to rush it. 

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