Sunday, November 3, 2013

[Rant] Speculating the performance of the upcoming NVidia GTX 780 Ti card

I'm sure most of you know that NVidia is planning to release a high end graphics card to counter the AMD R9 290X graphics card which sometimes even performs faster than the GTX Titan. Contrary to what the common sense product was, the latest rumors suggest that this is going to be a fully unlocked GK110 chip. That means, it will have 2880 sharers operating. The GTX780 has 2304 shaders and the Titan has 2688 shaders. That's 20% higher shaders count over the GTX 780 and 7% higher shaders count over the Titan.

Then, the clock speeds are getting an upgrade as well. The GTX 780 is clocked at 863MHz (900MHz boost) and the Titan is clocked at 836MHz (876MHz boost). The GTX 780 Ti will be clocked at 876MHz (928MHz boost). That's 3% higher clock speed over the GTX 780 and 6% higher clock speed over the Titan.

If you consider 100% scaling, we are looking at 23.6% performance boost over the GTX 780; 13% performance boost over the Titan. Best case, remember. But, we all know that the performance between the GTX 780 and the Titan is about 5%. In raw performance terms, the Titan is like 20% faster than the GTX 780. So, the scaling really sucks!

The GTX 780 Ti would be like 5% faster than the Titan at best. Which means, it would be like 5% faster than the R9 290X.


Basically, the R9 290X would still have a better price to performance ratio. 27% cheaper but only 5% slower. Basically, AMD doesn't have to worry about the GTX 780 Ti. But they sure have to worry about their production volume and the stupid stock cooler.

But then again, the stock cooler on the NVidia  card is very good. The rumor is that the card is capable of over- clocking to very high clocks. The AMD card suck over-clocking, no thanks to the crappy coder. According to this article, the GTX 780 Ti can be over-clocked  to 1240MHz which translates to about 23% performance boast over the R9 290X.And then there's is a GHz edition of the same GTX 780 Ti coming out a some point That would be about 10% faster than the R9 290X out of the box. But at what price? I'm sure NVidia would charge $799 for that card because it would be a heavily binned card and would be an overclocker's dream come true.

All I can say is that the R9 290X's pricing or even the GTX780's pricing (after the price drop) makes sense. Anything higher is just for the people who own a tree of money or who has little brain.


Since I’ve posted this article, they have released the real thing and it is much faster than what I anticipated. It has made the Titan obsolete. The Titan was never meant to be a gaming card. I was a great compute card which you could buy without breaking the bank. However, it could do really well in games.

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