Thursday, October 31, 2013

[Rant] NVidia Shadow Play is pretty sweet

28th of October was a great day. NVidia released the beta version of one of the most anticipated features of their platform: ShadowPlay game play recording.

Yes, just like they said that it doesn't come with a performance hit (or at least, a noticeable one), it indeed performed as expected. However, at first, things got a bit screwy. It didn't work for me at first. I tried recording Crysis 3 on the day ShadowPlay was released. It just didn't work. But after fully uninstalling and re-installing the drivers as well as GeForce Experience software, I managed to get it to work.

Here's one of my recordings. Too bad I had to dumb down the quality to upload it to YouTube. The quality of the original file was very good though.

There are few issues with ShadowPlay and few things that I would like to see in the final version or the updates to come in the future. The issue is, when switching from a game to the desktop, it takes a lot longer than normal for the desktop to appear and vice versa. Windows 8 is already much slower than Windows 7 in that department, and ShadowPlay makes it much worse. 

It once crashed the display driver and the game when I tried to switch between the game and the desktop. I guess that's why it is still a beta. 

Currently, ShadowPlay only supports 16:9 aspect ratio (perhaps only 1080p? not sure). So if you have a display with 16:10 aspect ratio like the 1200p or 1600p ones, you will not get a get a very good recording. And it would be great if you could mix an audio input from the mic as well into the recording. That would make commentary much easier.

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