Friday, October 11, 2013

[Rant] Whats up with me and headsets: the Roccat Kaves are a goner!

Couple of years ago I bought the Roccat Kave 5.1 headset which had hardware 5.1 support with truly multiple drivers inside the ear cups. It was a bit cumbersome to use because of all the cabling and the sheer size of the headset on my small head. I looked as if I had three heads. 

Anyways, it fell of the desk and broke. It's one heavy bastard but cheap plastic hinges. The hinge holding the left cup was damaged, but I could glue it using superglue. But I'm not getting any audio from the right cup either. It's not physically damaged, so I get the cable got stretched and came off loose. 

And the mic is not working either. The mic hasn't been working for a while. I hardly used the mic but when I wanted to use it, it wasn't working anymore. The light indicating that the mic is on lights up. That's it. No, it is not a problem with the audio card, as I tried it with onboard audio of the old motherboard as well as the new Maximus VI Hero motherboard. The mic must have been dead for a while.

So last night I took it off the desk and threw it away in the cupboard for now. I won't be keeping it. I'm gonna throw it away the first chance I get. I cannot remember on which day I can throw them out. 

So right now I'm using the iPhone's ear-buds (Apple EarPods I mean) when playing games. They are working fine and are comfortable enough. I'm still wondering if I should get a new pair of headset. Perhaps I can get by with just the EarPods. I'm still in dilemma. 

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